"Help us make Veteran Homelessness a thing of the past."

Some of the benefits of renting to a US Veteran are:

  • Local counties pay rent directly to property owners
  • Rental payments are GUARANTEED by the government
  • In most cases Property Owners receive higher than local market rates when renting to Veterans
  • Veterans make great tenants because all have received honorable discharges and are in good standing with the VA
  • Veteran Administration Case Managers provide critical support to Property Owners and Veterans when required
  • The Awesome Feeling knowing you are Supporting our American Heroes

We'd love to hear from Veterans, Case Managers and Owners who ISG has assisted in the past. Your comments will encourage other Owners to OPEN THEIR Apartment units to VETERANS. Your words will make the difference. So please take a moment of your time to send us your comments. Let's END VETERAN HOMLESSNESS TOGETHER! Also, if you are interested in buying property or if you own property that you'd like to rent to our US HEROS, please complete the form below and send us your questions and/or comments. Thank you!

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What Veterans and Case Managers are saying:

Jeff AndersonVeteran (30 Jul 2023)
    "It was easy sailing getting into a newly renovated unit by ISG. Jason is very easy to get along with, and responds to my property questions as soon as he can. He was very quick to resolve confusion and account errors with the Department of Public Works and the Department of Waste Management. Thank you so much for your consideration and all your help Jason. In the future, I hope to do business with ISG, as an investor/developer; As well as, to see ISG experience great success and fulfillment!"
    "Thank you Team ISG!"


Richard LandessProperty Owner (28 Jul 2023)
    "ISG has been working with me as a property owner to place homeless veterans in my triplex in Lancaster, CA. Without companies like ISG, it would be very difficult if not impossible for me to lease my units to homeless vets."


Gilbert LynchVeteran (27 Feb 2023)
    "Hello my name is Gilbert Lynch and I have been renting from International Solutions Group for 6 years. They are a very good property realtor to rent from. The property manager Jason Hurst is a great guy and [is a] pleasure to work with. Whenever there is a problem with my unit, he quickly resolves the problem and rectifies any situation pertaining to my rental unit."


Francine CastanonCase Manager (27 Feb 2023)
    "I would like to say it is always a pleasure working with this team. They have made the process seem so easy for our veterans and the joy of housing our veteran in such wonderful units. I applaud all the landlords who have worked with this wonderful organization."


Andy FernandezCase Manager (25 Feb 2023)
    "ISG provides a great help in getting the units rented to veterans. ISG provides all the support to make a very smooth process to fills the opening with Veterans. We are very happy with their services and the opportunity to rent to veterans, Thanks!"


Mina MontejanoProperty Owner (12 Jan 2018)
    "My brother introduced me to ISG and I hired them to help me find a Veteran to rent a unit, let's give this a try and besides would be nice to help a Homeless Veteran to find a new home. ISG did all the dealing with the housing office, and VA and about 6 months ago we housed our first Veteran, a Young Air Force Veteran, a really nice guy and the rent was increased from $850 (previous tenant) to $1157 a +36% increase in Rent, wow!!! That was amazing, and we were also provided with 2 months of security deposit."
    "So I was sold on the idea that is a win win and win, so we also turned over 2 more units for ISG to place Veterans. A 1 Bedroom that rented from $1450 and ISG got us $1595 (10% increase in rent) and a Studio in that was rented for $950 and ISG got us $1330 (a +40% rental increase)."
    "I would be happy to refer ISG to any property owners. It is just fantastic, as I am able to increase my rental income, and also Help Veterans, again a win for all side and puts a big smile on my face. Thanks ISG!"
    "Total ISG got us, on average a +28.6% increase in rents which is a total of +$832 PER MONTH x 12 that is $9,984 Per year, WOW again that is just amazing and I am so happy with ISG's service and results."


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ISG is proudly owned and managed by a US Veteran. Vets for Vets helping our Brothers and Sisters in Arms.