What Veterans and Case Managers are saying:

Mina MontejanoProperty Owner (12 Jan 2018)
    "My brother introduced me to ISG and I hired them to help me find a Veteran to rent a unit, let's give this a try and besides would be nice to help a Homeless Veteran to find a new home. ISG did all the dealing with the housing office, and VA and about 6 months ago we housed our first Veteran, a Young Air Force Veteran, a really nice guy and the rent was increased from $850 (previous tenant) to $1157 a +36% increase in Rent, wow!!! That was amazing, and we were also provided with 2 months of security deposit."
    "So I was sold on the idea that is a win win and win, so we also turned over 2 more units for ISG to place Veterans. A 1 Bedroom that rented from $1450 and ISG got us $1595 (10% increase in rent) and a Studio in that was rented for $950 and ISG got us $1330 (a +40% rental increase)."
    "I would be happy to refer ISG to any property owners. It is just fantastic, as I am able to increase my rental income, and also Help Veterans, again a win for all side and puts a big smile on my face. Thanks ISG!"
    "Total ISG got us, on average a +28.6% increase in rents which is a total of +$832 PER MONTH x 12 that is $9,984 Per year, WOW again that is just amazing and I am so happy with ISG's service and results."


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ISG is proudly owned and managed by a US Veteran. Vets for Vets helping our Brothers and Sisters in Arms.